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newspaper articles from middle

Original writing projects from interviews to short stories. 

A Sit-down Talk with a Loved One

Winner of the We Write Here writing award on June 30, 2021. Originally published on The Black and White newspaper June edition.

This piece can be viewed on their website at

How the Number on the Scale Affects Teenagers

Countless numbers of teenagers around the world suffer with body insecurities and eating disorders. In a society where thinness is prized, negative thoughts can easily become unhealthy addictions.


Daniel kept looking across the table. Bob was losing, again and again. They were young, Lilly was even younger—it just seemed too good to be true. There must have been someone else that had his strategy because things don’t just come as easy as this. Bob was going to lose everything, and it wasn’t going to end well.


A short story about a family sacrifice made for memories to relive in others' lives.

Violence Against AAPI Communities: It's Not Okay

Originally published on The Black and White April edition.

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