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How to Make a Film 

A New Series Updated Every Sunday

Hello Everyone! 

Through my process of making my first Independent Project for my film school, I am going to share the progress as the production continues. 

So what will be on this page? 

Here I will be posting images and descriptions on the film process for this specific project: a short 3-5 minute short narrative film for Media Nite at Ruth Asawa SOTA in May. 

From the steps of preproduction to going out with the camera in hand, join me on my weeks-long journey of executing Heartbroken, my very first IP in high school. 


Step I. Preproduction Notebook 

The very first step in starting your film is to plan. A good film is thoroughly thought out, and when viewed, the effort really shows. Spotting the difference between an, "I shot this because I had my camera over the weekend when I was out with friends" film and an actually thought-out film is easier than you think. 

So, how do you make sure your film is "thought out?" Well, as it sounds, you plan it out carefully. To start this process, get your hands on a notebook solely used for preproduction. I personally prefer a physical notebook instead of digital, but it is entirely up to you. 


I would highly recommend a light notebook; nothing too fancy. I like to use simple Campus notebooks with no spirals with less than fifty pages for maximum comfort when carrying around. However, something like a composition book works just as well. 

This is where you will keep everything like your notes, treatment, script, location brainstorming, costume designs, etc. This notebook is the first step to getting the show on the road, and it is often overlooked in the film process. Organization is key! 

Next week, we will talk about starting to fill this notebook and your first steps on planning what goes in it so you are confident on everything from your shots to the story. 


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