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Winter Diaries #3 ~ 2022

Hello all,

Some important updates. :)

This website is celebrating its one-year anniversary! Hooray! Thank you to all my readers and for your support. You are greatly appreciated.

Chloe's Blog is now only visible to members of this site due to privacy reasons when lending my portfolio on applications and such. Please feel free to sign up for this website according to your preferences to keep reading my weekly posts! Thank you for understanding.


This year went by fast. It's cliché to say things like, "I swear it was January a second ago," but it's true; I feel like 2021 was one of those jackrabbits I spotted on the neighborhood road that zipped by as if it were being chased for its life.

And now I'm sitting at my desk journaling until my hand aches stacking up my resolutions and looking back on the green volumes from years before full of my thoughts and dreams.

Besides being one of the most challenging years of my life, it was a rather good one. Full of changes, full of heartache and happiness. Full of meeting new people and finding myself. Losing myself. Doing it all over again.

This year, I started to feel like a true teenager. I consider it somewhat of a milestone year. So many things became clear to me regarding my approaches to my life and those around me.

Although I have a list of little resolutions that will hopefully tweak some areas of my life, the biggest one I have is just to be happy.

It's more complicated than it sounds. Happiness should come; naturally, you shouldn't have to work on it. However, once you feel it slipping away, you have no choice but to put your heart and soul into finding it again.

Here's to a new year full of joy, good health, happy memories, art, love, and more.

I wish you the best, and let's all be well.



End of Winter Diaries. See you next year!


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