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I can feel the tips of my toes getting sore from the cold. Fuzz from my scarf itches my neck as I rock myself on the porch swing in the bitter coldness of Reno. I am immersed in the book in my lap, undisturbed by the sound of birdsong and the absence of people on the neighborhood block.

My mother and I decided to take a two-day trip to Reno.

Reno is beautiful this time of year. I could argue that Reno is prettier than San Francisco in the Wintertime. Daylight Savings brings early nights and bright holiday lights. We pass by Casinos that shine like winter wonderlands. There is no breeze, but the air is always freezing. It makes the tips of our noses turn red like cherries, and our teeth chatter.

This Thanksgiving, it took this, all of this, to help me realize what I'm thankful for.

I can't seem to pull myself together and do so at night when I cry myself to sleep.

And so, as I sat quietly on that porch swing, alone with nothing but my thoughts, I tried smiling. Finally, an ounce of happiness came to me.

I am grateful that I am up here with my mother.

I am grateful for my best friend.

I am grateful for my dog, whom I love very much.

I am grateful that I am learning about a subject I love in school.

I am grateful that I am not sick (yet.)

I am grateful that I am able to write.

I am grateful for being here, in this very moment, seeing a beautiful day like this.



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