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Summer Diaries #4 ~ Piercing Experience

One month ago, I was finally determined to do something bold. Without prior consideration, I marched up to my mom and announced that I wanted to get my ears pierced before I turned fourteen. Her being a mother, I prepared to receive an automatic "nope," considering I was asking to get a hole punched through my flesh. Knowing me, though, she thought I wasn't serious enough to trust anyone with a needle in their hand to get anywhere near me. Without objecting, the decision was made, and I was going to have to say goodbye to my bare ears for the last time.

This experience was unquestionably frightening. My mom and I, along with my half-sister, were seated for at least an hour, giving my fears plenty of time to grow on me. The head-splitting buzz of the hip tattoo shop had my hands quivering with anxiety. Mounds of paperwork that needed to be completed had us all impatient for the task to begin sooner. Finally, I was handed a tray of bedazzling studs that were all gorgeous tones of silver, and I was taken aback by the generous selection I had before me. All the jittery feelings from the wait melted away as I picked out a pair of diamond-like earrings that reflected the cool colors of the rainbow.

And then came the part where I wanted to turn back once again. I remember being asked to sit on a plush couch, lean back, and relax. Relax? I even scoffed aloud as my mom and sister giggled at their chairs in front of me. The guy who was doing my piercing, the guy who I trusted wholeheartedly (as hard as it was) to not destroy my ear, handed me a circular mirror when outlining the spot of injection. My voice cracked with fear as I confirmed, and the process finally began.


I'm shocked to this day at how well that mirror held up in my hands. All of my tenseness and stress were put on that mirror as a needle was strung through my lobes. When all was done, I sat up, stunned and unable to feel my ears.

I will not lie: it didn't not hurt. Of course, anyone would feel something if a hole was made in the skin. On the other hand, the piercer was gentle and professional while telling me to take a deep breath out while it went through. This helped a lot and is a valuable trick I learned that I have transferred into my life during challenging situations. The experience was one I will never forget, and there are no regrets here.

It was over in the blink of an eye, and now, I am proud of being brave enough to do it.



For those of you who are considering piercing their ears, I wish you the best of luck because the pain through it all depends on your body. For a bit, it does indeed sting, but long-term pain won't occur if you get it done professionally. I got my ears pierced with titanium, and did not regret it.

I soaked my ears using a basic 100% sea salt and warm water soak, which helped my ears recover fast during the first couple of weeks I had them in. Now, I use Q-tips to gently clean around the piercings (back and front) with an ear care solution to spare the saltwater soak preparation. A suggestion is to keep them in for a couple of months (a couple of weeks is risky) to be safe. I wouldn't worry too much about messing with them when sleeping or taking a shower; just make sure that you don't touch them too often with dirty hands or get them stuck with hair, mask straps, etc.

My piercer recommended not to turn the piercings. A common worry is that the skin will close over the holes and clog the piercings, but this has not happened for me. When cleaning my ears, I gently push the studs back and forth to prevent such a thing from happening, and no problems have occurred. Turning the studs can lead to damage and germs entering openings.



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