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Summer Diaries #2 ~ Shot Two

With the celebrations coming to an end, it was time to be vaccinated for the last time. I've talked with a few friends who've all encountered significant side effects, none of which fazed me at all. I was too busy worrying about the actual shot itself, but it turns out that what came after really was ten times worse.

On the other hand, it now feels relieving that I'm fully protected from this virus that has attacked the world for over a year.


This summer, a humongous to-do list has already dominated my journal. From taking short walks with my mother every day to spending time roller skating, the months coming are soon to fly by, with days spent trying to make the most out of the time I have before school starts.

Not just any school. High school.


Chloe's To-do's and Goals List (as of June)

  • Write a story

  • Study pre-production

  • Study film history and culture (the 1920s vs. 1970s, French, Danish, Swedish, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, etc.)

  • Subscribe to Skillshare

  • HIIT workouts at least three times a week

  • Minimize wardrobe

  • Read books on reading list

  • Stop buying stuffed animals

  • Roller skate whenever free

  • Three meals a day without starving/going on binge-eating sessions

  • Create a summer photography project

  • Produce one film

  • Sleep before 1 AM

I hope that this has inspired you to create a list of your own this summer, as I know that many of us are still restricted with the activities we are allowed to do. When I think of what I want to accomplish at any given time, I ask myself:

  1. How will this benefit me?

  2. Do I want to commit to it?

  3. How urgent is it? Are there more important tasks/goals?

  4. Is it attainable?

  5. How much time will I need to complete this task/goal?

Creating goals are linked to being productive. You may start with this burning desire to get this particular thing done, but as time passes, maybe you'll realize that it isn't worth your time. Same as productivity. You might begin a week with an astonishing amount of energy, but end the week with hours spent watching shows. And so for me, I give each goal a few days, weeks even, before it takes a slot on my list.

Summer goals are a lot different from school-year goals because calendars and organization tools are rarely needed. These tasks are constantly bugging me, asking me to do something every day and move forward. Of course, I'll have to plan out my work-times a few weeks ahead for projects such as films and writing pieces. However, whether that's one task or a hundred for you, if it's something you really want to get done, you'll be able to stick with it once you mold it into your mindset and commit to trying.



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