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Stop Asian Hate

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Hi everyone.

Even for me as an Asian American, it's hard for me to address the violence in our country at the moment. For those of you who aren't familiar with the hatred against the AAPI community now, I ask that you would please look into the horrific acts of violence that have taken place, such as the shooting massacre in Atlanta earlier this month. It is upsetting, frightening, and disgusting.

I will be posting a film on this topic sometime in April to spread awareness and to share what really is happening right now. But for now, I wish that you would be well. This doesn't go only to Asians, because I know that the virus of racism won't settle on one ethnicity. Others will be judged, others will be hurt, but at this time, the pain has been placed on the Asian American and Pacific Islander community.

Please support anti-racism. Let's put a stop to this, and share our feelings with one another until there are no gaps for hate to surpass us.

My article on asian hate:



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