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Getting Vaccinated

I was rushed right away to a walk-in appointment after an opening was scheduled. As scary as they are, needles were not something I was looking forward to coming in contact with. At the same time, I finally felt relief after all the time spent waiting.

I was riding in the car with my dad that foggy afternoon. He made a remark saying that the United States was a lucky country, and that we are very fortunate to have the vaccine available to us now. I sadly whimpered in agreement, and squeezed my trembling arm.

We walked into a wide stadium-like room with dozens of chairs lined across the floor. A woman questioned me continuously as I shyly responded and side-glanced at the patients lifting their sleeves and looking away. I too looked away at the shiny needles being cleaned at their tips.

The nurse was very kind. With gentle hands and a quick swipe of a cloth, the shot was over in less than a minute. I will admit, I was pursing my lips to endure the sudden pain, but I felt lighter after the process was over without laying a single glance on the needle.

A couple days of soreness, and my arm was good as new. With great thanks and sighs of relief, this experience felt like more than it actually was. It was one step closer to comfortably embracing my friends again, and truly, there isn't anything I wouldn't do for that. I am lucky to be this fortunate, and if you too are awaiting your vaccination, I wish you the best of luck. It will be worth it. I promise.



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