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Two months ago, before starting a new school year, I felt I needed to take advantage of my chance to start fresh. A nonexistent reputation and zero friends gave me hope that all the bad experiences with social interactions wouldn't repeat themselves.

Of course, that's not the case. In the short time I've been at high school, I already wish to take back some things I've said and done.

I have always been the type of person to worry about the future. Will I still be into my passions ten years from now? Will I still keep trying my hardest to achieve my dreams?

Before high school started, the biggest question was if I was ready to create more room for new friendships. I didn't feel prepared for my perfect relationships with my friends to fade, and I was ready to sit by myself during lunch periods because I didn't want to always feel alone when I came home.

It turns out that if friendships are true, they don't go that easily. There are people I'm friendly with at school, but I never had to give up anything for that to happen.

True love in friendships can last a lifetime; it doesn't matter if you're miles apart and you don't see them in the halls every day. One memory after another can last so long in one's heart that when you revisit a friend, it feels like they never left.

Even when the night is spent talking and catching up for hours like you've spent years apart.

- Chloe


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