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Film School

Hello, readers! I wanted to write a little recap about my experience in film school for the past six weeks. It has been a roller coaster for my classmates and me, but making friends has slowly become easier after the subject of film made it impossible for us not to show our identities and personalities.

The first few weeks of interactions were the most difficult times of school I've ever had. I couldn't help myself from being the girl with her arms crossed over her chest, unwilling to say a single word. However, every week we were given a chance to raise our hand one more time during class or receive one more round of applause for the work we turned in. Even if I sank in my chair every time my film was shown, I still felt a warm blanket of pride cover my heart when the classroom laughed, gasped, or made remarks about my movie.

Film school has made me feel like an outsider and a part of a community at the same time. Not one of the students has a similar film style, but we still get each other better than when we got up and introduced ourselves six weeks before.

My media art class consists of four different workshops where we are taught cinematography, writing, editing, and screening. I, as a student, have opinions on each, good and bad, but experiencing the variety of the art is such a powerful thing. In addition, media students have a lot of freedom to express themselves as artists, which was one of my few hopes that came true.

Our class has watched and taken notes on films such as Sweet to learn about composition and Duck Season for ethnic representation and the black & white style of editing. The class is a few steps out of my comfort zone when it comes to filters, but learning about myself in the world of digital media has served as an essential life lesson from this class.

All in all, no matter what school you attend throughout your week, I hope I've encouraged you to look on the bright side and not ignore the hardships of the past. Those hardships were meant to be present to lead you to a new lifestyle that will hopefully get you up out of bed with eagerness to start on Monday again.



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