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Have you ever felt like the world changed in one day when your dream became a reality?

Think of those restless nights when you can't sleep because of what could happen the next morning. Think of that time when you had a dream so special to you that you would do anything to make it come true.

I never had a dream so big in my life since I tried for art school. This was my very first wish—my very first calling to buckle down and study, work, and try my hardest. Just a few days ago, I flipped through my journal and read my journey in handwriting. Those were the days when I had no idea what would happen—and now, it feels like decades ago.

Although I am satisfied with what has happened, my biggest joy from this entire process was learning how to have hope in myself. In a previous post, I talked about believing in yourself, and the importance of realizing that we're not going to gain confidence through other people. All of these lessons and all of these thoughts were everything I have learned from the year of hard work to achieve my dream—and it wasn't until now, with my vision of myself clearing up, that I realized that that was the most special thing I gained from this past year.

As we see most of the world opening up its doors once again, I would like to congratulate everyone for making it through one year of COVID-19. Whether you are proud of everything that you've accomplished over the past year, or you're just beginning a new journey like me, I am so glad that we endured tough times, and learned countless lessons that will stay with us for a lifetime.

My life is changing, and I know yours is too. Today, I just wish you to be well, and that you will, whether that's today, tomorrow, or next year, achieve a dream.

Because I will tell you, with all of my heart, that it's worth it.

Congratulations, everyone!



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