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A Handmade Gift to a Mother

February 20th is my mother's birthday. I'm not especially good with birthdays, but it would be quite unsettling if I did not do anything special for her at least a month before. My mother isn't one of those women who adore birthdays in general, but she still goes out of her way to bring joy on mine. And so, in tribute to her, I've put together a simple gift list for those of you who are thinking ahead—or maybe in need of a suggestion—for a birthday, mother's day, or holiday gift for your mom, because sometimes it's hard when you're searching for that one gift that will blow her away.

A Care Box

This idea has come to me many times before, and I think of it as one of the most caring gifts a mother can receive (as the name suggests.) A care box (what I like to call it) is special to you and your mom because you can fill it with whatever you'd like. Throw in some old photos, some materials to keep her safe during a pandemic, things for her to do during the day, and little knick-knacks. It's easy enough to find ready-made boxes online, filled with candles, socks, or mugs, and of course, that's an option too. However, a care box is made from the heart, and your mom will appreciate the thought you put into every item. Decorate it with stickers, photos, or draw little doodles on it to make it stand out. It's up to you—you know how to make your mom smile.

A Scrapbook

Photos are everything to me—and they are to many others as well. Photos are stories in one object, they're trips you've taken, hardships you've been through, times you never want to forget, and little pieces of art. A scrapbook is a wonderful way to lay your polaroids and printouts in one place where your mom can always revisit. Now, a scrapbook isn't just photos. You can make it simple, and just start a photo album from scratch, writing little captions on the sides to bring the story back into the photograph. You can also glue, tape, or staple in miscellaneous items such as dried flowers, pieces of writing, or buttons that fit a theme to your creation. A scrapbook is something made by hand—a precious, one-of-a-kind item that only your mom has.

Bake her some Treats

My mother is germaphobe, and it's definitely hard for her to see me destroy the kitchen when I bake anything for her. This is why I tend to do it alone, and can surprise her with a delicately wrapped bag of cookies with a clean kitchen. I think anyone—not only moms—will appreciate the time spent in baking something, even if the result isn't what they hoped for. Baking isn't necessarily easy if you have no prior experience, but a simple recipe and concentration will go a long way. Who knows? Maybe you'll bake your mom's favorite pastry that she'll love.

A Handmade Journal

For Christmas this year, I hand-wrote a twenty-five-page journal for my mom to read. As a teenager, it's sometimes hard to open up to my mom when she and I really need it—and writing has been something that I can do without spite. Secretly writing at your desk for a month (or even a year) and talking about your days, feelings, projects, stress, and everything that is going on in your life can really warm her heart to the fullest.

These are my picks for a handmade gift to your mom on any special day, and of course, there are many other options out there that can make her happy. If she's been wanting a pair of shoes, a gadget, coffee, or just a simple card, it's for you to do so. A mother's happiness is such a beautiful gift anyone can receive.



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